Ram Sachdev

I am honored to be part of an organisation that plays such a significant role in the growth and development of Thailand’s ever-expanding Indian wedding industry. Grateful to be endorsed by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), we look forward to working together on various marketing and promotional ventures.
TIWA’s singular purpose is to promote, protect and preserve the Indian wedding industry in Thailand. We will be the representative voice for the industry; raising red flags, addressing issues and resolving conflicts. By providing a definitive platform of standardisation, as well as training and consultancy, our collective efforts will further enhance this burgeoning yet young industry. TIWA will also be a reliable source of industry information and we will be sharing it through our website, newsletters and social media. In addition, TIWA will also act as a marketing and promotional arm for the Thai Indian wedding industry, conducting road shows and participating in wedding fairs in countries of interest.
TIWA members can rest assured that our association will be happy to liaise not only with the industry members but also between the members and the government agencies. Our objective is to make Thailand the number one destination for Indian weddings, hence the work our association does now is crucial to everyone’s success in the future.
Ram Sachdev
Thai Indian Wedding Association (TIWA)