Thailand is fully equipped to handle any Indian wedding, be it an intimate affair of 100 guests or a large function of more than 1,000 people. The Land of Smiles has all the required staff and logistics to fulfill the wedding family’s demands including all the minute details. From wedding planners, to pundits, caterers, dancers, florists, and light and sound, Thailand has it all. Below is a brief excerpt of the supplier groups that are here to make your dream wedding a successful and memorable one.

Wedding Planners

Wedding_Planner_upWhen in Rome do as the Romans do, and this expression definitely holds when in Thailand as well. In order for you to get the highest value for your money mileage, TIWA recommends wedding families to engage in the services of Thai-based wedding planners. This is simply because of a variety of reasons. Firstly, these creative experts are fluent in a variety of languages including Thai, English, Hindi and Punjabi, and so they will ensure that there are no language barriers when organising your dream wedding. Secondly, they have in-depth knowledge of the Thai culture. Thirdly, they are consistently working with other hotels and vendors, and have a proper understanding of what it takes to make your event a successful one. They also know which the best vendors to hire to meet your demands. Fourthly, they are creative experts and can craft all themes to make your event a truly unique one that caters to your personality, tastes, and requirements. They also take care of last-minute details that leave you stress-free, and available to care for your guests. Nothing is impossible with these creative experts.
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Catering_upFrom the most exquisite seafood delicacies, to the onion and garlic-free Indian delights – Thai caterers can do magic with food. It is important to understand that Thailand has a huge Indian community, and so access to great Indian food is not difficult. We probably have some of the most outstanding restaurants and caterers located right in the heart of Bangkok. Be it a 100 percent vegetarian affair, or an exquisite 100-metre buffet line, the Thai caterers are very well-equipped to handle any of your demands. Thus, it becomes redundant and extremely wasteful at times to bring in your huge army of maharajis to take care of your food, when all of your requests are easily accessible in Thailand.
Furthermore, almost all the major ingredients can be sourced in Thailand, and if difficult or impossible to obtain, can be easily imported to please your guests taste palate. Thailand’s caterers are also very responsive to your every beck and call. And they can actually cater to your grand occasion in any corner of this nation – whether you are having a party in Phuket, Chiangmai or Pattaya, these caterers will make sure that your guests will enjoy the taste of the best.
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