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What we stand for

Weddings are the high point of every Indian’s life – a time of unbridled joy and celebration. not only for the couple and their immediate family but their extended families too. It is the uniting of beliefs, aspirations, culture, and time honoured traditions. Generations are fused and new contacts are forged, hence no expense is spared while organising the various nuptial ceremonies and receptions. In fact, some Indian weddings are so lavish they would put a Bollywood blockbuster movie production to shame.
It is only fitting then that for such a momentous rite of passage the choice of venue is absolutely crucial and given much consideration. As an increasing percentage of Indian diaspora plans a Destination wedding, it’s not too hard to see the attraction Thailand holds. The unprecedented expansion of the Indian wedding market in Thailand over the past few years is testimony to it. The outstanding Thai hospitality, the much loved spicy cuisine, sunny beaches, lofty mountains and the wide array of cultural, retail, and holiday experiences on offer — not to mention the considerable cost savings — all make Thailand a very desirable locale.
The need for an organization to oversee and provide a voice for this fast expanding business sector had never been greater. Thus, in 2015, the Thai Indian Wedding Association (TIWA) was formed. The initiative was spearheaded by Mr. Ram Sachdev, Chairman – Masala Magazine, the leading and most respected Indian publication in Thailand. Amongst the first ones to recognize the potential in the Indian wedding market, Mr. Sachdev approached the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to help give the budding industry the direction it needed. Subsequently, the TAT has fully supported TIWA since its inception.
The association aims to:

– Promote Indian wedding business in Thailand, in domestic and international markets

– Protect the interests of its members and offer a platform to discuss and debate the challenges and opportunities

– Preserve the essence of Indian weddings and demystify them for existing service providers as well as new market entrants

– Provide an authentic source of information to venues, suppliers, wedding planners and clients

– Assist the industry achieve higher operational standards and the right code of conduct